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Based in Pasadena, California, our company, Bellarise, brings a higher standard in service, value, and quality to North American bakeries through our fully customizable yeasts, dough conditioners, and baking solutions.
Our parent company, Pak Group, which was founded in 1923 in the heart of the Fertile Crescent in Eastern Europe, lends its history of innovation and its global production capabilities to our own efforts to develop custom baking ingredients that our commercial and artisanal customers can rely on, bake after delicious bake.
By specializing in baking – and only baking – we make it easy for commercial, industrial, and artisan bakeries of all sizes to go to market every day with breads they would be proud to show anywhere.
Non-GMO. Organic. Conventional Blends. Clean Label.
Bellarise always rises to a higher standard.



Why do customers choose Bellarise?

In this video, one of our customers takes a moment to share his experiences with Bellarise® and provides a glimpse of how we deliver unparalleled quality, value, and service every step of the way.  We rise to a higher standard because we owe our customers, the industry, and consumers the chance to take baking back to its roots: where breaking bread means enjoying a pure and fulfilling moment, and where forming meaningful relationships and preparing wholesome foods we would share with our friends and loved ones truly matter.